• Presentation of Investment Opportunities by South Western state & Businesses, SMEs.
  • Business To Government (B2G) Meetings
  • Exhibition
  • Networking Dinner
Business to Government Meeting (B2G)

The Business to Government (B2G) investment matchmaking is a platform for high level consultation and networking meetings hosted in a dedicated Business Lounge.

The B2G business lounge will be used exclusively:

  • To host one on one and direct discussions between governments and investors
  • To facilitate government to business investment matchmaking
  • To promote investment proposals by delegates
  • For strategic networking sessions for delegates
  • For exploratory business meetings
  • For pre-arranged meetings

The aim of B2G meetings is to allow for strategic networking amongst these delegates by exchanging ideas and having in-depth discussions towards executing investment projects.


The major component of this B2G meeting is the Match & Meet service in the business lounge. This will ensure that the participants can achieve the above goal quickly and effectively. Furthermore, it will assist in facilitating the right contacts and also identifying the appropriate infrastructure(s) project(s).