SWIFT 2017

South Western Nigeria with a Land Mass of 76,852 square kilometres and population of 25.2 million today owns and/or control 65% of the nation’s industrial capacity, 67% of banking assets, 67% of insurance assets and is house to the nation’s three deep sea ports of Apapa, Tin Can Island and Roro; the busiest international airport of Ikeja, three thermal stations of Egbin, Papalanto and Omotosho.

Its three major industrial estates of Agbara, Ikeja and Otta are all linked to gas under the West African gas pipeline plan and piping of gas is ongoing from Otta to Abeokuta.  Added to these, the South Western population today is the most educated as western education came through there and education as a resource was democratized since the early sixties.  Geographical location, democratization of western education, availability of resources enhanced in last 9 years and some empowerment during the over the last ten years have collectively enabled the South Western economy to rank as first of the four economies in Nigeria.

The South West as a region can boast of having a defined growing middle class and is perceived to have at least 250,000 of its indigenes with net worth of over N100m each.  Take it out of Nigeria, the South West economy with is defined growing middle class and resources, will be one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Development and expansion, over the years have now made it imperative for other Southwest States, apart from Lagos to develop their natural resources and infrastructure, now these States have now formed the fulcrum of developing the Southwest Nigeria.

FODION Consultants Ltd, in collaboration with Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN), has taken up the task of bringing all the stakeholders together to explore all possibilities of harnessing the potentials of the Six South Western States of Nigeria, reposition the region to her former glory and empower citizens and indigenes of the region.

The exhibition is a Private & Public Sector-focused exhibition and it has been exclusively designed for Private Business, SMEs, State Governments as well Ministries, Department and Agencies of Federal Government to present their unique PPP investment opportunities to the business community.